среда, 25 июля 2018 г.

Key Channel Radio

Key Channel Radio (I) / pirate station

The new transmission of KCR

Dear Friends, on the occasion of the most spectacular lunar eclipse of these years, we decided to go on air with a whole new transmission. So much beautiful music from the world, a nice selection of Oldies USA 60. Then Artem's World Music, John Trudell Memories and much more. There will be the debut of Mistik (Massi) who after more than twenty years of absence from the microphones has prepared two hours of live with Soul 70 music. So many reasons to listen, we will be on the roof to admire the red moon, I like to think that our signal through mountains, cities and oceans carrying with us our little message of Brotherhood that through music we try to give and if we are lucky, we will wrap the earth with this positive energy.
I'm already excited ..

e-QSL from KCR

Date: April 1, 2018
Time UTC:14.50-15.10
Frequency: 6915 kHz
Receiver: KiwiSDR / Belgium
Confirmed: e-QSL / keyradioam@gmail.com 

Dear Friend, Yes, You have heard Key Channel Radio, the free station broadcasting from Italy in a special Easter trasmission. Thank's Konstantin for Your new important reception report, we hope you can more heard KCR in future! Many thanks for publication of QSL of KCR in Your important blog!!! We are happy for this!!!

Greetings from North of Italy !

Key Channel Radio:
Type: Pirate
Format: Multi-Ethnic
Mission: Know through the cultures and traditions of the music of the earth peoples so promoting peace and brotherhood.
Pirate for Peace” Member.
Programs: 24 Hours in Weekend
Site: Near City of Modena/ Germany
Country: North Italy Territory/Germany
Elevation: 800m S/L
Trasmitter: Commercial
Power: 0-370w In use 20w Carrier, 110w PeP (Peak)
Antenna: Inverted “V” & Chocke Balun
On Facebook: “The KCR Team”
Web: thekcrteam.simplesite.com (In Italian at moment)
The KCR Team:
Lilla: Producer, Music research, Voice, Art Designer.
Massi: Technical dept BF & HF, Programs montage, Jingles. (Dxer since 1975)
Jasmine: Public Relations, QSL Manager, Art Designer, Music research.(Dxer since 2012) and 7 external collaborators.