среда, 12 декабря 2018 г.

Radio Cuckoo

Radio Cuckoo (IRL) / pirate station
Date: December 9, 2018
Time UTC: 14.05-14.30
Frequency: 6264 kHz
Receiver: KiwiSDR-Ireland
Confirmed: e-QSL /  radiocuckoo@yahoo.com

Hello Konstantin
thanks for your reception report and audio file
yes you did receive Radio Cuckoo on 6264 KHZ  09/12/18 at 14.05 - 14.30
our transmitter is a homebuilt series modulated  transmitter
We are using breakaway  audio compressor and our antenna is a half wave dipole 
it is always great to get reports i hope this email and EQSL card is ok for now 
I will post the real QSL card to you during the  week
wishing you all the best from the west of IRELAND