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December 29, 2019
Time UTC
9510 kHz
R-250M2 (old Soviet military tube)
LW 3+7m L-shaped horizontal (12m above ground level)
Saint-Petersburg (inside city), Russia
e-QSL / reports@nexus.org

Dear Konstantin,

Thank You very much for your email and reception report of our broadcasts. We do
acknowledge your reception report for our broadcast, and we are attaching an
electronic QSL card. This QSL is a copy of the first card printed in 1990 and
designed by a local artist in Milano.

Please also notice that we have discontinued our PO BOX or any regular mail
address for listeners' correspondence, and we are unable to reply to QSL request
by regular mail.

In case you mention any particular program, we will forward your reception
report to the programmers that you heard for verification. They may also reply
to you with a QSL or verification letter. If this is not acceptable, please let
us know by return email within the next 24 hours. Please refer to our privacy
policy at https://nexus.org/privacy-policy

Due to budget constraints, we may be unable to reply to all QSL requests and
cannot send information, stickers, pennants, schedules or gadgets by regular mail.

However, we usually confirm by email with an electronic QSL, upon your request,

1) we run special broadcasts that are announced over our mailing list of on the
air, and you request a QSL card;

2) we receive detailed comments on the content of our programming (good or bad,
not just on the technical side).
Comments on each program are extremely useful to our program producers and, help
us all in improving the quality and content of our broadcasts.

We do take special efforts in answering your questions and confirming your
reports by email when you write to reports@nexus.org.

Please check our web site at https://nexus.org for more information on our
broadcasts and our association. Our latest schedules are available at:


Our broadcasts can also be received 24/24 and 7/7 over the Internet at:

  https://nexus.org/mp3 or:

You may also subscribe to our low-noise mailing list to receive information on
schedules or test broadcasts at:


Hope it helps, stay tuned and very best 73s,


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